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YAHUAH's Love for Yashar'El

Updated: May 17, 2023

Video: Revelations 12 & 13 Revealed in the Stars, Constellations...Courtesy of : Kingdomwithinu


Building on from the themes we started to explore previously, where we looked at the LOVE of YAHUAH our HEAVENLY SAVIOUR and KING for YASHAR'EL or Israel His BRIDE, (who incidentally, happens to be a Black Hebrew nation).

The Song of Songs

If you recall, we looked briefly at the SONG OF SOLOMON on DAY 46 of our COUNT up to the SHABUOT previously?. We explained that CHRIST the BRIDEGROOM was personified by SOLOMON in this poetic Song, the SONG of SOLOMON, which SOLOMON proclaims to be 'THE SONG OF SONGS' (In Song of Solomon 1:1), meaning:

'the greatest, most excellent, or praiseworthy' of all Songs

That have ever (PAST), or ever shall be (FUTURE) written or sung in the Earth, in the whole history of the world, is essentially what he is saying here. In view of the fact that Solomon's father was King David, who was heralded by his nation in his lifetime, as the 'Sweet Psalmist of Yashar'El' (2 Sam 23:1), this is quite a declaration:


However, on the subject of YASHAR'EL or ISRAEL, being a Black Hebrew nation/ peoples, let's look at what Solomon himself, and by implication also YAHUAH Family, tells us about Himself on that score:

"I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon." Song of Solomon 1:5-6

Not only is Solomon, and by implication YAHUAH saying that He is black, but very black/ dark complexioned, (if you want to get technical about it). Infact this is backed up also in several places within the Book of Revelations, in which YAHUAH declares Himself to be the colour of burnished brass/ the colour of brass as though it was burned in a furnace:

The Colour of Burned Brass

"And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace;..." Rev 1:15

Pls see the below pic, which shows what happens to the colour of brass when you burn it in a furnace, or hold in a flame.

Incidentally, isn't it interesting that YAHUAH also confesses to having the deep rich vocal tones many of our Black brothers also have in the rich tones of their voices? This is what Rev 1:15 means when it describes the voice of YAHUAH, the Almighty:

"....and his voice as the sound of many waters." (Rev 1:15)


Though, coming back to the subject of YAHUAH'S many declarations of LOVE for YASHAR'EL. We start to get a sense of what I can only call the ROMANCE of YAHUAH, in His causing this mysterious book THE SONG OF SOLOMON, which we've established is both a LOVE POEM, and a SONG to be penned, hidden and embedded in the HEART/ middle of the Old or FIRST TESTAMENT of the BIBLE. (It is the 22nd of the 39 total Books in the OT).

The Book, which is one song, composed of many stanzas of varying lengths, expressing varying levels and ranges of challenges and intensity of emotion, like the multi-faceted EXPERIENCE of LOVE itself, charts the journey of the BELIEVER from the beginnings of her REPENTANCE and acceptance of CHRIST, through her LIFE and many trials and experiences, to her attainment by GRACE of the PRIZE,

'The PEARL OF GREATEST PRICE' (Matt 13: 45-46)

Her Requited LOVE for her spouse, YAHUAH.


Because on the surface of it it appears to document the LOVE of King Solomon for the SHULAMITE with whom SOLOMON became utterly BESOTTED, and love sick, falling totally head over heels in LOVE. He says of his lovesickness in Song of Solomon 2:5

“Stay me with flagons, comfort me with apples: for I am sick of (/from) love.“

If you recall, it was for the Love of this woman that Solomon lost his head, his soul, and ultimately his Kingdom. Yet in many ways, and am aware that it may be considered quite controversial to say so, but YAHUAH in many ways likens SOLOMON’S love for the SHULAMITE to His own LOVE FOR YASHAR’EL. What does this tell you about the Love of YAHUAH for Yashar’El His BRIDE?Though as we were talking about the mystery of this song, perhaps it could be said that the greatest MYSTERY of all, is how YAHUAH could continue to LOVE YASHAR’EL despite all of her disobedience and many sins, as many YASHAR'EL-ITES to this day continue to refuse to fully Return to Him, and to their COVENANT and Laws.

A LITTLE BACKGROUND, The Cost of Solomon's Disobedience in His Love for the Shulamite

If you recall, Solomon loved many strange women. Accounts of his 700 wives, princesses and 300 concubines are documented (in 1 Kings 11 of) the scriptures. However, it was his love for the Shulamite that caused him finally to spiritually COMPROMISE and commit his first sacrifice to other gods, which as you remember resulted in his Kingdom being rent / torn from him and subsequently divided in the days of Rehoboam his son into the10 tribes which became known collectively as EPHRAIM or ISRAEL which were given over, to and ruled by his servant, Jeroboam the son of Nebat who then caused ISRAEL to commit a great sin (See prophesy in 1 Kings 11:31). This initially left the 2 TRIBES, (BENJAMIN and JUDAH) in the SOUTHERN KINGDOM, who collectively came to be known as JUDAH or The JEWS. It was these 2 Tribes who were ruled over by Solomon’s son and legitimate heir REHOBOAM, though after some time the TRIBE of LEVI who had initially departed with ISRAEL came back to JUDAH, so it became the 3 Tribes in the southern Kingdom, who collectively became known as the JEWS or JUDAH, and it was to this REMNANT CHRIST came.

Jer 3:8-11 explains that by the time of CHRIST'S coming the 10 Northern Tribes had been given a BILL OF DIVORCE, and had been totally driven out of their NORTHERN lands, by successive campaigns led initially by SHALMANESER who carried out a forcible relocation of our peoples/ the Northern tribes to various lands throughout Assyria, (described as Habor, Halah, and the region about the River Gozan, in 2 Kings 17:3). Some attribute Nebuchadnessar who led the final push to drive the remaining inhabitants out of their land, as having relocated some of them forcibly as far as IBERIA (modern day Spain), although this is more speculative, but I digress.


Would you believe that YAHUAH would write LOVE POETRY to His BRIDE? In a sense could it not be said that the whole of our BIBLE is a Testament of YAHUAH'S Love for YASHAR'EL, His Bride. Well if you think that's unbelievable, pls take a look at the above video when you've time.


I'm sure it will bless you, because the ALMIGHTY has even proclaimed His LOVE for YASHAR'EL to the UNIVERSE, since the beginnings of time, and wrote it as a chronicle into the CONSTELLATIONS of the HEAVENS from the FOUNDATION of the World. This video (by Kingdomwithiu) actually shows you, what is being written and inscribed by YAHUAH about you in the heavens. This drama, which encodes a DECLARATION or a PROPHECY plays out, in the HEAVENS above your head every single day not only of your LIFE, but since YAHUAH birthed the HEAVENS into existance, so from even before you were born. It was prepared for you, since before you came into being. This drama, narrative or tale of YAHUAH's LOVE for you, begins in the CONSTELLATION of VIRGO, the Virgin, which is normally at the start of the HEBREW CIVIL NEW YEAR. This is in the month of August - September each year, (and is also the start or 7th Month of the MOSAIC Calendar, the mosaic calendar usually commencing with the month NISAN or ABIB, in March- April of each year).

The Constellation VIRGO, Encodes The FEAST OF TRUMPETS, Which signifies YAHUAH'S RETURN

The commencement of this drama also co-incides with the time of The FEAST of TRUMPETS, (which is the FEAST which signifies YAHUAH'S RETURN).


The ENEMY has tried to distort these messages through GREEK MYTHOLOGY. He has turned them into astrology, horoscopes in attempt to corrupt their TRUE DIVINE messages, but this video attempts to reveal the TRUE meaning of the ZODIAC and constellations. Am sure it will bless you. In saying this I am absolutely NOT saying that we should countenance HOROSCOPES, or consult astral charts or astrologers, God forbid.


However, as you will see in the video, the HEAVENS document (END TIME) PROPHECY JOHN THE REVELATOR saw about YASHAR’EL. This is the drama he saw unfold in the heavens that he wrote down, that we know and now have in our BIBLES today as Revelations chapters 11 - 13.


This was The Great Wonder in Heaven' that John saw. If you recall John Himself says that He saw this great wonder in the constellation of the HEAVENS, in Rev 12:1, which commences in the CONSTELLATION OF YASHAR’EL we commonly know as VIRGO, the Virgin. This REVELATION also encodes and foretell of the SECOND EXODUS as you’ll see, which the EDOMITE/ Roman Christian Church have done their very much to conceal and corrupt with the 'RAPTURE doctrine', in their hope that many will be misled and miss at the expense of their ETERNAL SALVATION.

A Warning

It shouldn't by now be impossible to see that the enemy is leading a policy to mislead and cast as many into hell as possible by deception, and has seated himself in the seat of god, even in the Church,

"Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God. 2 Thess 2:4

Paul reminded us this is the 'Mystery of Iniquity' which had already began to work from his day, (2 Thess 2:7-9). It is not just speaking of a man of sin who is to come, but is pointing out he has been here with us all along. As we discussed previously, this was the reason Paul had said repeatedly, "I must see Rome" (Acts 19:21). Paul reminds us that we shouldn't be surprised when we see these things:

"Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?" 2 Thess 2:5

To summarise, the HEAVENS, as does the BIBLE, especially when read in the context of all of it's Books, (including those of the APOCRYPHA), attest to there being a SECOND EXODUS for Israel, not a rapture.

"And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed." Rom 13:11

Wake up, YASHAR'EL! (Black Hebrews, formerly known as Negroes)...

However, coming back to subject of our Post today, looking at just 2 of the declarations of YAHUAH'S LOVE for YASHAR'EL, namely the Song of Songs, which is the Book of Song of Solomon, and Book of Revelations chapters 11-13:


YASHAR’EL is also depicted as Cassiopeia, the Beautifully adorned bride enthroned to forever reign VICTORIOUSLY with YAHUAH her KING.


This cycle or endless tale of YAHUAH’s undying and never wavering LOVE for YASHAR’EL His BRIDE, despite her many shortcomings, disobediences and sins, is constantly being played out over your head 364 (in YAHUAH’s calendar there are not 365 in a year), 364 Days of every year because of YAHUAH’S EVERLASTING FAITHFULNESS, since the BEGINNING/ very Foundation of the WORLD and will continue, until He breaches the HEAVENS rolling them up like a scroll to return, as foretold by YAHUAH in the CONSTELLATION OF VIRGO in the Heavens, and the Revelator John in Rev 6 in YAHUAH's future opening of the SIXTH SEAL, when He returns (On the FEAST OF TRUMPETS) to administer JUDGEMENT to the NATIONS,

“...Filling the places with the dead bodies” Ps 110:6,

Is 63:3, Rev 14:20) in His anger for the

“Controversy done to Zion” (See Is 34:8-10, and Joel 2).

They speak of YAHUAH's great HOPE in YASHAR'EL and His great optimism in the strength of LOVE itself, in His belief that we will AWAKEN, return to Him, and seek Him as to how we are to recover our DESOLATE HERITAGES, which have been ravaged by the enemy, because of our disobedience, and the disobedience of our forefathers in turning from Him, and walking after the gods of the gentiles.

We have a very RICH and ETERNAL HERITAGE Family, the Title Deed of which YAHUAH has inscribed in the Heavens for us. Let's commit to REPENT and RETURN to Him, to the God our Forefather's knew and worshipped, The YAHUAH of great Power who split the Sea whose great waves roared, and in so doing 'Restorehispaths' and so assume our rightful place.

Courtesy: u/QuiglyDwnUnda for above pic of burned brass


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