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The Story of Purim

Updated: Oct 9, 2022


Purim will start at sunset Mon 14th - sunset Thu 17th Mar 2022 /13th - 15th Adar II

The Book of Esther, (together with the Additions to Esther)

It's traditional to recount and listen to the story of ESTHER at this time, to this end, I have made a recording of Esther, which essentially is the STORY OF PURIM, reinstating the 7 Chapters of THE ADDITIONS TO ESTHER, that are currently within the APOCRYPHA, now reading the BOOK OF ESTHER as a singular whole.

Purim - YAHUAH Delivers his People.

The narrative of this story is basically the ENEMIES of the Jews tried to kill them/ orchestrate a GENOCIDAL event, against the whole NATION of our people, when they were resident within a foreign empire, but YAHUAH delivered them, infact you could say he completely 'flipped the script', promoting his people to second in command, or PRIME MINSTER, and QUEEN within a foreign empire, in the process. This should remind HEBREWS (/those formerly known as NEGROES), that YAHUAH has great promotion in store for his people, despite their present sufferings, if they will be diligent to return to him as he instructs at this time.

Purim & The Enemy of Hebrew Israel

However, on a more sobering note, It's surprising and perhaps a little depressing how much the lessons and themes of this story still continue to resonate, and remain pertinent to the lives and experiences of Hebrews to this day. It has been said, that one of Yashar'el's (ie: Israel's), chief problems continues to be, that she doesn't know who her real enemies are.

Purim - A Lesson & A Warning From History

However, the real ENEMIES of the Jews (/YAHUDI's) are brought v clearly into focus in this story, and perhaps was one of the reasons MORDECAI and ESTHER, our ancient progenitors, partly in a bid to also try to warn us, their future generations of the malevolence and persistance of this particular ENEMY, instructed that this FEAST be kept as a FEAST among the YAHUDIYM (/Hebrews) FOREVER.

Purim Points Forward to the Time of Jacob's Trouble in the End of Days

However, why are lessons from this historical event of our ancestors in Babylon, relevant at all to us today?. Because in Jer 30:7 foretells, that a similar event will recur for HEBREWS in the END OF DAYS. Jeremiah called it THE TIME OF JACOB'S TROUBLE, However, as like our Ancestors in Babylon before, we have YAHUAH's PROMISE that "WE SHALL BE SAVED OUT OF IT."

“Alas! for THAT DAY IS GREAT, so that NONE IS LIKE IT: it is even THE TIME OF JACOB'S TROUBLE; but he shall be saved out of it.” (Jer 30:7)

Purim & The Lesson of Faith

This FEAST though not one of the mandated FEASTS prescribed by MOSES in Lev 23, is also PROPHETIC in nature aligning us to prepare for future events to come, and so is also telling us to have FAITH in the fact that our DELIVERANCE is already ASSURED. That's right! a successful end has already been determined by YAHUAH from before the beginning, (as was the case for the YAHUDIYM (or Jews) in the first Babylonian PURIM.

Purim Reminds Us We Will Have An Important Role to Play in our own Future Deliverance

Well you may ask if that's the case, then why bother to forwarn of this future event at all? In a nutshell, we will have a role and a part to play in that Deliverance which will arise out of a very perilous situation and time, which is why the KNOWLEDGE of this fact for YAHUAH's people, so that we can PREPARE (including psychologically) is key.

If we reflect back to the unfolding of events in PURIM we can understand what YAHUAH will do in this future time. One of the notable things, is that He will then begin to PROMOTE and RESTORE his people to great HONOUR and ESTEEM, as he did in Babylon. We are to TRUST in this fact, even though it may be v far from what we currently see, FOR (remember)

With YAHUAH nothing is impossible. (Luke 1:37)

The Book of Esther with the Additions, A Restoration of the Original Book ?

I hope you enjoy the recording, which is unique the Book of Esther is seldom read with the Apocrypha excerpts reinstated, it certainly makes for a more complete understanding of the STORY OF PURIM, which otherwise reads as a v secular Book as all of the PRAYERS and references to YAHUAH were stripped out and put separately into the 7 Chapters within the Apocrypha, as you'll see when you listen. I don't know whether anyone noticed that there are no direct references to YAHUAH at all in the version of the Book of Esther within the KJV of our Bibles?

The arrangement is by Repairers of the Breach, Is 58:12

❤️ HAPPY PURIM !!! ❤️

12th Mar 2022 / 10th Adar II

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