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The Feast of Dedication 2023 Is Coming...

What is the Feast of Dedication?

The Feast of Dedication is not one of the 7 core FEASTS mandated by MOSES, (in Lev 23). It was instituted by a Levitical warrior Priest, namely JUDAS MACCBEUS, or Judah Maccabee, in the time known in history as classical antiquity, Biblical scholars refer to this period as ‘the inter-testimentary’ period, this is the 400 year gap between the end of the BOOK OF MALACHI in our BIBLES, (the last book of the Old/ First Testament), to the start of the GOSPELS, (in the New Testament).


Judah, who was surnamed by his father on account of his anointing, MACCABEE, (from an Aramaic root word, MAQQABA) meaning ‘THE HAMMER’ led both a 3 year uprising against the then ruling Seleucid, Greek-Assyrian EMPIRE, and an internal civil conflict against the ‘phil-hellene’, Greek- culture loving Jews of his people, who conspired to stamp out YASHAR’EL-ite religious observance and values. The struggle culminated in the recapture of the Temple at Jerusalem in 165BC, and was commemorated by the RE-DEDICATION of the Temple, after its defilement by pagan images and sacrifices; and the restoration of YASHAR’EL-ite (or Black Israelite) traditional service, sacrifices and worship and also marked the restoration of YASHAR’EL-ite political sovereignty, all but briefly over their land, (it was subsequently lost again, this time to the Romans in a squabble over succession to the High Priesthood, several generations after Judas’ decease). However, it was to this second, restored, Re-dedicated Temple that CHRIST Himself later came.

When is the Feast?

The Feast is observed or celebrated over 8 days, starting on the 25th Day of Casleu, or Kislev, ‘The Ninth Month’ The story, or history behind the Feast of Dedication is perhaps the best documented of our /YASHAR'EL-ite history in the secular historical record of the Gentiles, particularly that of the Greeks who actually named it 'HANNUKAH', a Greek word meaning 'LIGHTS'

15th Oct 2023 /1st Casleu or Kislev, ‘The Ninth Month

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