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Part 2 - Our YASHAR'EL-ITE Calendar - A 13th Month

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

The FIRST OF NISAN or ABIB, the start of the First New Hebrew Year for us or NEW YEAR’S DAY will start from SUNSET 19TH – SUNSET 20TH FEBRUARY 2023. This day 1ST NISAN, also marks the FIRST DAY OF SPRING.

This is an audio of the below written commentary on the video at the bottom of this post

PRAISE AHAYAH Family, The GREAT, HOLY and ETERNAL KING, over All kings, rulers, governments of all the EARTH. The ONLY, TRUE, WISE and LIVING GOD,


Why Didn't We Add a 13th Month?

This is the promised Part 2 post, to explain reason for our not having added a 13th Month / an Adar II to our 2022 Calendar last year, so that the start of the YASHAR'EL-ITE New Year this year will be a little earlier than usual falling in February 2023 instead of the customary March /April timeframe.

This video explores the reasons, and gives the SCRIPTURAL references from the BOOK OF JUBILEES, we didn't apply an INTERCALARY Method, (meaning we didn't add an additional Month /30 Days to the end of our YASHAR'EL-ite Calendar in 2022. This would have meant that our YEAR last year would have comprised approx, 385 days, instead of the customary 365, as per a standard year in the GREGORIAN Calendar System).

According to YAHUAH'S calendar, The Book of JUBILEES 6:32 tells us:

A YEAR is to composed of 364 not 365 Days.

The 'Intercalary' Calendar

32. "And command thou the children of Israel that they observe the years according to this reckoning -three hundred and sixty-four days, and (these) will constitute a complete year,..."

As a point of interest, we look briefly at some of the most significant INTERCALARY interventions that have been applied historically to our current calendar system, including most notably, one particular event that occured in 1752 in which 11 days were added to the GREGORIAN calendar in a single night, in order to syncronise the calendar, of the N Americas/ the then 'New World', wth that of the UK which had fallen11 days behind.

It's Not 2023, Much Less The Twentieth Century

We also examine in this video, the FACT, that according to YAHUAH'S calendar it's not actually 2023 this YEAR, in fact its not even the TWENTIETH CENTURY yet Family, much less the TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY. This, as we illustrate in this video is a fallacy or contrivance of the 'MATRIX', those believing this may be in DANGER of allowing themselves to be CONFORMED to his present evil WORLD, and have neither come out from among them as per YAHUAH’S instruction to us in 2 Cor 6:17, nor experienced TRANSFORMATION, by the RENEWAL of their minds that He has instructed us to receive. This is a dangerous state, because YAHUAH has said that if we do not undergo this transformation of our HEARTS, we won’t have the ability to DISCERN the will of GOD/ know the truth in essence, (see Heb 5:14)

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Rom 12:2

Is The Gregorian Calendar Artificial

This video sets out a brief history of the GREGORIAN, and it's predecessor the JULIAN Calendar systems, and explores the fact they were instituted by ROME, the JULIAN Calendar which was the first initially under JULIUS CAESAR in 45AD who, as we explain in the video, (by way of recap from our previous video: WHO ARE THE 7 KINGS OF REV 17:10), which is re-posted for your ease of locating, below and also on the #'Wewillrestorehispaths channel (on the homepage of this site, which you can access through the link above), was essentially the FIRST Emperor of the ROMAN EMPIRE, or the FIFTH MAGI or KING of the MYSTERY BABYLONIAN EMPIRE, or FOURTH BEAST, (see Dan 7:7). Daniel tells us that the Fourth Beast system, would:

"...think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand" Dan 7:25

This calendar was subsequently amended by POPE GREGORY XIII who introduced the GREGORIAN Calendar, as the Julian Calendar had by this time, fallen 3 months 'out of sync' with the equinoxes, a serious problem indeed. However this calendar was also introduced to remove the linking of the calendar to the LUNAR phases, so that our current calendar today, isn't really linked to the earth, in terms of it's being linked either it's SOLAR or LUNAR cycles, or anything natural in the WORLD, (besides the obvious light and dark, of day' and 'night') in any real way. We briefly look into some of the SOCIETAL implications of that REALITY and ponder whether this could be the reason for

The Disconnect Many Can Feel

& Perhaps it shouldn't be so surprising that PEOPLE can feel so disconnected from the PLANET they are living on and everything around them. They can pollute and DESTROY the EARTH and think nothing of it, because to them its just a 'thing' an object to be used, which is totally disconnected from, and so has nothing to do with themselves, at least so they can misguidedly think. A very DANGEROUS REALITY in my opinion.

Video Mentioned above: 'Who Are the 7 Kings of Rev 17:10'

A Mechanism of Control

In this video we also explore the FACT that our CALENDAR is currently instituted as a mechanism of CONTROL by the PAPACY, the 7th KING of the MYSTERY BABYLON Beast system, see Rev 17:10, & Dan 7:7. We explain, that YASHAR'EL understanding her CALENDAR is essential for the observance of her FEASTS at the correct appointed times, which YAHUAH calls in the BOOK OF JUBILLEES 6:33:


And that this CALENDAR in inscribed upon TABLETS in HEAVEN before YAHUAH, so that in YASHAR'EL doing her best to understand and order her CALENDAR, in order to OBSERVE her FEASTS at the APPOINTED TIMES in OBEDIENCE to YAHUAH's INSTRUCTION, is in a real sense a form of SPIRITUAL WARFARE And was introduced to HIDE YAHUAH'S true Calendar/ TIMELINE from the world, and from YASHAR'EL particularly.

Aligning YASHAR'EL'S Calendar

Others who may point out that now that we are awakening, not all YASHAR’EL-ites are currently aligned or on the same CALENDAR dates yet, however certainly all the YASHAR’EL-ite groups I’ve reviewed are not too far off from each other, so it seems to more be an issue of interpretation. In this video I give suggestions on what we might do to start to align.

Furthermore, some may say that perhaps it's not possible to know the correct days, so

Should YASHAR'EL Keep the Feasts of Her Covenant at all?

Perhaps some may say, we shouldn’t observe YAHUAH’S CALENDAR or the FEASTS OF OUR COVENANT at all. However, we present arguements as to why making no effort in this regard is not a valid option for YASHAR'EL, and moreover, NEWSFLASH! as we can see the GREGORIAN CALENDAR system isn’t an accurate calendar system either,

The GREGORIAN Calendar - A Broken Calendar System

We discuss, and show in this video how in introducing an intercalary method in an attempt to align the YASHAR'EL-ite with the GREGORIAN calendar (which in and of itself is essentially a 'broken' calendar), by adding in the perceived missing days, in order to 'force' the 1st of Nisan of YASHAR'EL'S Calendar to be in MARCH as opposed to some days before in month of FEBRUARY, is breaking it further, and dangerously, to the point of potentially making the entire calendar system meaningless Moreover we point out that our having left the YASHA'EL-ite or our HEBREW CALENDAR to run freely, it seems to corrects itself, as the 1st of Nisan next year, 2024 will commence once again in Mid-March 2024.

Infact as we discuss in this video, you may stand a stronger chance being more accurate with the MOSAIC or LUNAR CALENDAR system given by YAHUAH to MOSES than you do in following the GREGORIAN Calendar, because you’re aligning time ASTRONOMICALLY, and your sole dependency in getting it right is in accurately identify/finding your starting point which was defined in THE THIRD BOOK OF ENOCH, as the 1st day the sun emerges from the

"4TH PORTAL IN HEAVEN from which the SUN rises in the EAST”,

The Third Book of Enoch

Defines the order / characteristics of this day. We mention this briefly in this video, and discuss its implications. Moreover we point out that YAHUAH's purpose in mandating the FESTIVALS or FEASTS for his PEOPLE was to align and bring a manifestation of HEAVEN to the EARTH for all people, as has always been His plan, and conclude with a reading from the BOOK OF JUBILEES.

"The great illiterates of the 21st century will be those

who can’t unlearn and re-learn" Alvin Toffler (1928-2016)

Video: Part 2: Our YASHAR'EL-ite CALENDAR - A 13th Month

Happy New Year, Family!



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