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Dedication - A Reminder of YASHAR-EL'S Need for Revival

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Excerpt from: Origins of Hanukkah - Maccabean Anti-Hellenic Rebellion DOCUMENTARY. Courtesy of Kings & Generals

Happy Feast of Dedication, Family!

The story behind the Feast of Dedication is perhaps the best documented of YASHAR'EL'S history in the secular historical record of the Gentiles, particularly that of the Greeks who actually named it 'Hannukah', a Greek word meaning 'lights'. I thought in looking at this video clip today, we'd look at part of this history, but now from the secular historical record, then we can compare how well it aligns to the biblical account given within the Book of 2 Maccabees.

This video looks at the strategy and ingenuity of Judas in waging war, in ordering, and leading the battles successfully against the Seleucids, despite being heavily out-numbered, and out-equipped, utilising a style of warfare that even saw him use the mountainous terrain to his advantage.

YASHAR'EL Never Makes it Easy

As mentioned previously he also had to lead a CIVIL, or internal war against his own people to remove some of the most 'phil-hellene' (those YASHAR'EL-ites, or Hebrew Israelites who were aggressively pro-Greek), particularly those among the leaders of his people, who had adopted the culture and customs of the Greeks, many even going as far as, rearing up private altars within their homes, and local altars within their communities, at which they performed ritual sacrifices to the Greek 'no-gods;' by HEBRAIC Law rendering themselves unclean, forsaking their own HOLY COVENANT and LAWS. As usual, then as now, YASHAR'EL didn't make it easy, there's an account of YASHAR'EL-ites, who'd 'sold out' to the Greeks, actually trying to have JUDAS killed, betraying the location of his camp to the Seleucids.

Unsurprisingly this video does present a 'white-washed' account of our history, what's new?. 1 Macc 3:48 tells us that the Seleucids in having seized the Temple, even got hold of the Books of our Law and began to add illustrations of their own images therein.

"And laid open the book of the law, wherein the heathen had sought to paint the likeness of their images." 1 Macc 3:4

YASHAR'EL'S Need for Revival

Then as now, this Feast and Judas' actions remind us, his descendents of our constant need for REVIVAL, and REPENTANCE. This FEAST coming as it does on the heels of the DAY OF ATONEMENT, also serves to put us in REMEMBERANCE as the people of YAHUAH of our need to ensure we

"Give diligence to make our calling and election sure..." 2 Pet 1:10

To examine our HEARTS, to not only ensure we have repented of all known SINS, 2 Pet 1: 10 reminds us:

"...For if ye do these things, ye shall never fall"

but that now we accept RESPONSIBILITY to do our best to KEEP ourselves, and maintain a right WALK before Him for another YEAR. One of the LESSONS we can draw from this FEAST, is the constant NEED of YASHAR'EL for REVIVAL, the 'quickening' power of the HOLY SPIRIT, and FAITH to ensure we remain in right standing with Our ABBA YAH through LIFE'S journey.

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