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Do Christians Really Call God Baal?

Updated: May 13, 2023

Let's Take A Closer Look.

Picking up on a point I made in a previous post, in which I was saying that I personally don't like to refer to YAHUAH, by the word, LORD because in Hebrew it actually means BAAL, and pointing out to BELIEVERS, just so that we are aware, that when we call AHAYAH, Our God by this term, we are actually calling Him BAAL...

See the Evidence from the Scriptures, Hos 2:16-17

Pls see scripture above, which presents the evidence of this fact from the scriptures. Not only does this scripture in Hosea say that we are calling AHAYAH, Our ELOHIYM (/ God), Baal, but it says believers are using this word as a term of genuine affection and endearment, to call upon AHAYAH. In other words, WHEN WE, especially those of us who have grown to truly LOVE AHAYAH ARE CALLING ON HIM BY THIS NAME WE ARE actually CALLING HIM BAALI, Family.... We are using the name Baal affectionately... 🤣

This 'no-god' Possibly The Most Brutal of All the False 'no-gods'

Which is really a complete misnomer, as the characteristics of this brutal heathen old testament, 'no-god' were extremely merciless, I'd even say possibly murderous (as it's worship required human sacrifice), and wrathful, anything but affectionate, so not even remotely aligned to our KING, or a compliment on any level. Ooops, O dear. (It's probably not funny, but sometimes we just have to laugh at our own ignorance, 😂thankfully God will help us), though you might well wonder how such a confusion arose? but that's possibly another story for another day/ post...

YAHUAH Coming to Remove The "Names of Baalim" From the Mouths of His Bride.

However, as always, Our Wonderful HEAVENLY FATHER is on it. YAHUAH Himself attests to the fact in Hos 2:17 that the day will come when He will personally come, and Himself, remove the NAMES OF BAALIM out of the mouths of his SAINTS so completely, we won't even recall that we ever called Our YAHUAH by this name. THANK YOU JESUS. Instead in that day we'll more correctly call him, "ISHI" affectionately, which means "MY HUSBAND". What a WONDERFUL Day that will be Family.

O AHAYAH HOW WE LONG FOR THAT DAY! Even so COME ADONAI YAHUSHA (/ Lord Jesus), Rev 22:20, (Cepher). 💕

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