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Day 45 – Ye Shall Count 50 Days (Lev 23:16) - Have You Received The Holy Ghost Since You Believed?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

We are still in HOLY GHOST Season. Only 5 MORE DAYS TO GO, until the DAY of SHABUOT or PENTECOST.

"And when the Day of SHABUOT was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place" Acts 2:1 (Cepher)


over All kings, governments, rulers, authorities of all the EARTH.


'Have You Received The Holy Ghost Since You Believed?'

If you recall this was PAUL’S question to a YASHAR’EL-ite called APOLLOS, who was native born to the City of CORINTH (in modern day Greece), Paul met him when he was on one of his missionary journeys there, and remarked on his fervency of SPIRIT to expound the rudiments of the GOSPEL having been taught by John (The Baptist). Paul commented how Apollos would go out into the highways and byways of his city, preaching and teaching in every place that men everywhere were to REPENT, receive water BAPTISM for the REMISSION OF THEIR SINS, and CALL UPON THE NAME of AHAYAH, to be SAVED. Paul asked this YASHAR’EL-ite ‘Have you received the Holy Ghost?'

To which we all remember APOLLOS’ puzzled reply that, ‘He had not so much as heard, whether there be any HOLY GHOST’, So today I’m going to pose the same question to you, what of you BELIEVER? . ‘Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?’. , You may say, 'well yes of course I’ve received the GIFT of The HOLY SPIRIT, I mean I even have the evidence of SPEAKING WITH OTHER TONGUES'. But I ask you again? Are you sure you’ve truly RECEIVED THE HOLY GHOST? Because there are 2 separate things, There is The ‘infilling’ or indwelling of the HOLY GHOST that many receive, with the EVIDENCE of speaking with other TONGUES, and then there is THE FIRE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY GHOST. So what’s the difference you may ask?


The FIRE BAPTISM of the HOLY GHOST is both the IMPARTATION our FOREFATHERS saw with their EYES at SINAI including in the signs, the earthquake and visible fire that sat upon the MOUNT, and is what the 150 in the UPPER ROOM demonstrably received on the DAY OF SHABUOT or PENTECOST, in which now visible ‘CLOVEN’ TONGUES OF FIRE now sat upon their HEADS, like the PILLAR OF FIRE that sat upon the HOLIEST OF HOLIES of the TABERNACLE in the WILDERNESS, (if you recall we discussed in our 1st Nisan Video, ‘MADE ACCORDING TO YAHUAH’S PATTERN’ (which is posted both on our Youtube channel and this site site:, on the WORD-on-the-Street video

Channel above), the similarities in the layout of the TABERNACLE and the PHYSICAL BODY, with the HOLIEST OF HOLIES, where YAHUAH sat in a physical pillar of Fire by night and Cloud by day (upon the HOLIEST OF HOLIES representing the HEAD, the seat of the EMOTIONS or the HEART). So in light of this, I ask again

'Have You REALLY Received The Fire of Holy Ghost Since you Believed?

Something about this IMPARTATION that those 150 received on that day, made these v ordinary MEN and WOMEN, mainly drawn from the uneducated, poorest, lowest levels of their SOCIETY EXTRAORDINARY. If you recall, the most educated of the SANHEDRIN, the governing body of the PRIESTS in the TEMPLE at JERUSALEM, some of whom had been life long scholars of the LAW, were not able to even hold an argument with these humble fishermen, being totally confounded by their WISDOM and knowledge of the LAW. They ALL had

Life Changing Encounters

With AHAYAH, were never the same again, and became WORLD CHANGERS in their day, all taking up their CROSSES to diligently follow CHRIST, through privations, persecutions, DENYING themselves, almost becoming VAGABONDS, devoting their whole LIVES to no other PURSUIT than to travel the expanse of the then known WORLD to tell others about the SAVING POWER of CHRIST. All except JOHN the REVELATOR eventually laying down their LIVES, and being executed for The TESTIMONY OF YESHUA HA’MASHIACH. Surely this


Is the missing ingredient of BELIEVERS today. The EARTH has become a parched, DESOLATE wilderness, all but plunged into darkness, with people increasingly going into DARKNESS, the occult and wickedness, and CHRISTLESS ETERNITIES. As Believers (and am not excluding myself here, Jamaicans have a saying ‘when you point a finger you have 3 fingers pointing back at yourself’ or 'when you point a finger someone else is judging you'), I think our present generation of Believers may all but have ceased to SEEK YAHUAH for this IMPARTATION for themselves and for their world. Though I do recall having seen my parents generation of believers doing this, O how we need this impartation today. BELIEVERS today, may be possibly too aligned to pursuing the world, and prosperity. Unfortunately YAHUAH will judge we must as individuals ponder our steps in this matter, consider and if we discover this to the position of our own HEARTS, we must REPENT and redo the FIRST WORKS quickly.

"Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent." Rev 2:5

'Have You Received The Holy Ghost Since You Believed?'

So no I don’t mean just the infilling or indwelling of the HOLY SPIRIT but The FIRE BAPTISM of the HOLY GHOST?

As a result of this encounter all of these MEN, including the APOSTLE PAUL, ALL without exception went about HEALING THE SICK, doing great MIRACLES and SIGNS, CASTING OUT DEMONS and RAISING THE DEAD. The RECORD of the lives of these men, is our LEGACY Today, it has given us the BOOKS of our NEW or SECOND TESTAMENT. Could your life EXPERIENCES be written up into a BOOK OF ACTS about the WONDERFUL things you did through your FAITH in YESHUA? If no, Then you need the FIRE BAPTISM, This is the difference of the FIRE BAPTISM encounter of the HOLY GHOST.

SHABUOT or PENTECOST Reminds us that There is so much more

SHABUOT or the DAY OF PENTECOST beckons to us Family, reminding us that there is so much more in God /YAHUAH. He is saying,

You’re just scratching the surface, plunge in, and DRINK Deeply of the RIVERS of The WATER of My Life’. My FLESH (WORD) is MEAT indeed and my BLOOD (/Spirit) is DRINK indeed

Why do we as BELIEVERS skirt about the peripheries or borders of our FAITH when there is so much to be found in God/ in YAHUAH, if we’ll only SEEK Him.

If you recall Paul, wasn’t actually present on that DAY (of SHABUOT), he had a PERSONAL ENCOUNTER with the HOLY SPIRIT, by the MINISTRY of Ananias subsequently, who was sent to restore him after his DAMASCUS ROAD ENCOUNTER, showing that the self-same POWER by YAHUAH’s GRACE remains available to us TODAY. This is the difference between THE ‘INFILLING’ of the HOLY GHOST and the FIRE BAPTISM of the HOLY GHOST.

And The Question Paul was actually asking,

This was the ENCOUNTER that YESHUA foretold, in Luke 24:49:

"And behold, I send the promise of My Father upon you; but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem until ye be endued with power from on high."

This ‘ENDUING WITH POWER, (in GREEK the word for power is DUNAMIS and is the Word from which we get words like DYNAMITE from), so YESHUA here was promising to bestow upon his people this DYNAMITE FROM ON HIGH’. Amen, even so Lord JESUS, ( /ADONAI YESHUA), may we so seek you with all our HEARTS until we be so IMPACTED and EMPOWERED by the FIRE of your POWER..

Paul’s Question to APOLLOS

Encapsulates THE timeless message and CHALLENGE that comes down from our PROGENITORS, the first GENERATION of DISCIPLES and BELIEVERS who experienced PENTECOST to us today, as relevant to our WORLD today as it was then, and I would say more so. This is both the message and the question we are to ponder and address at SHABUOT or PENTECOST season, so I ask you again, and set out to you Paul’s timeless challenge to Apollos ‘Have You Received The Holy Ghost Since You Believed?/ accepted CHRIST?. Shabuot/ PENTECOST reminds us, If not, what are you waiting for?

"And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.” Rev 22:17

If you’d like to receive CHRIST as SAVIOUR it’s as simple as praying a very simple prayer

Love Family ❤️

25th Apr 2023 / 6 Sivan

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